About Us

SMU Komunitas Indonesia (SMUKI)

SMUKI is a cultural club in Singapore Management University (SMU) with the core mission of promoting the diversity of Indonesian culture. Established in 2004, we currently have more than 400 active members and alumni. We are comprised of not only Indonesian students, but we are also open to students of various nationalities.

We actively promote Indonesian culture in SMU through various student-led activities, as well as partnerships with external organizations. Since its inception, SMUKI has won many accolades and recognitions, such as:
“The Most Outstanding CCA in SMU Awards” from SMU Students’ Association
“The Best Cultural Club Awards” from SMU
“The Most Outstanding Spirit Awards” from SMU Arts and Cultural Fraternity
“SMU Arts Awards 2016 (Gold)”
“The Best EDM Award” from SMU Arts and Cultural Fraternity

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Gelar Budaya (GAYA)

Gelar Budaya (GAYA) is one of the largest arts and cultural productions in Singapore Management University (SMU). First staged in 2007, our shows have been orchestrated and produced exclusively by Indonesian and non-Indonesian SMU students, Indonesians from other schools, as well as alumni.

GAYA was primarily inspired by numerous Indonesian traditional folk stories. However, while still rooted to Indonesian culture, GAYA has successfully evolved into a more entertaining, dynamic show which charms with music and dances from a variety of genres. Expect modern contemporary dances ensued by enchanting traditional dances and melodies. Such a harmonious collaboration between modern, contemporary arts and traditional arts is unique to GAYA.

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